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TASKAL System Requirements

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Basic information for comfortable use

Please refer to the User Manual for detailed instructions and various functions.

Please refer to the FAQ for more questions.

Required Bandwidth

Audio Call
20Mbps or more (recommended)
600kbps (minimum)
Video Call
30Mbps or more (recommended)
600kbps (minimum)

Supported Device*1 / OS and Environment

OS 9.0 or later *2
Android 4.1 or later *3
PC *4:
Latest version of Google Chrome web browser *5

Function Status

(○: No problems / △: Some features are being improved.)

Function Status
Account switching
Search (Search for contacts and chat) *6
Messaging *7
Notification *8
Confirmation of readings
File transfer *9
Audio call
Video call
Call history *10
Group chat *11
SOS call
Display language (Japanese and English)
GPS Tracking *12
Alerts (selecting area)
Change profile
Change password
View contacts *13
View alerts *14
Display local support partners *15
  1. Depending on the model, some of the features provided by TASKAL may not be available.
  2. Operating systems below this version are not supported.
  3. Operating systems below this version are not supported.
  4. Users of Mac OS may not be able to use some of the features even with the latest version of the Google Chrome.
  5. Only the latest version of the Google Chrome web browser is guaranteed to work.
  6. There have been reports of malfunctions in some features. We are working on it (under improvement).
  7. Hyperlinks are not enabled in the PC version of the chat when a URL is entered (under improvement).
  8. Notification works only when the browser is running.
    On iOS and Android, if you are logged in to multiple devices at the same time, there may be cases where no notification is sent to either device.
  9. Depending on the file size, it may take a long time to send/receive the file (under improvement).
    Depending on the file format, another application may be required to open the file.
  10. Some users may not be able to see their call history in a timely manner (under improvement).
  11. Some users may not be able to be added as a participant (under improvement).
  12. This function does not work when using a PC alone.
  13. Some contact information may not be displayed. (Under improvement)
  14. For TASKAL Premium users, some of the articles have been translated into English Please note that the original text may be displayed without any information. (Under improvement)
  15. This function is available by enabling emergency mode.
    Some local support partners may not be displayed. (Under improvement)