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Business Messaging App "With Safety Information"

Business Messaging App "With Safety Information"

With terrorist attacks, racial conflict and natural disasters, etc., it has become increasingly important to have safety countermeasures when abroad.
Risk countermeasures that are demanded by travellers abroad have also become extremely diverse.
The business messaging app TASKAL offers maximum service in the event of an incident at low cost.

Basic Functions
Chat Function
Chat Function
File Sharing
File Sharing
Video and Voice Calls
Video and Voice Calls
Group Management
Group Management
In addition to the above, the following services are also available for use on the one and only TASKAL.
Urgent "On-Site" Service
  • In addition to communication by voice and video calls, etc.,
  • We can also arrange for our local staff to come to the location urgently to provide on-site support.
A Network Spanning Over 100 Countries
  • We respond to the safety needs of all travellers.
  • Attentive support from local agents who are thoroughly familiar with the locality.
Easy Contact via the Exclusive App
  • Free communication via the app which enables messaging, voice and video calls. As long as there is internet connection, you can be rest assured that you stay contactable anywhere and at any time.
  • Use GPS to check the whereabouts of your staff from Japan. This enables prompt rescue.
  • Dissemination of domestic and overseas safety information.
Comprehensive Support from a Risk Management Company
  • Issues are handled based on advice from safety management specialists in the event of a terrorist attack, disaster, major accident or emergency.
  • We handle situations that cannot be handled by general insurance companies or travel agencies.

*There may be separate charges depending on the service type.

TASKAL Usage Flow

We handle all kinds of problems

A problem has occurred with the tour I arranged! I want to organize an countermeasures team.

Prompt support from local staff

Urgent "on-site" service

There has been a problem!

Prompt support from local staff

Emergency arrangement service for serious matters

A terrorist attack or disaster has occurred!

Precise handling

*Risk management products other than the overseas safety information are charged separately. Please contact us for more information.