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Please refer to the TASKAL System Requirement for the basic information to use TASKAL comfortably.

The TASKAL app is a work-use communication and risk management app based on 'Whatsapp'. Standard free communication apps pose problems when used for work due to their information security issues. You may think of the communication app as similar to 'Line Business' which has been set for work use. In addition to this communication function, as a risk management tool, the TASKAL app comes with GPS location checking function, simultaneous safety check function, a panic button function which connects to our 24-hour call centre in times of emergency, as well as the 24-hour overseas travel warning dissemination function. In addition, if TASKAL is linked to the travel agencies handling your company's air tickets, it also comes with the function that support air ticket reservation changes.

Yes. The app can be used anywhere as long as it is in an environment that allows smartphone communication connection. However, there are countries, such as China, etc. which restrict the use of GPS or VPN originating from overseas. Even in China, there are many instances where GPS, etc. are allowed to run on the Japanese mobile phones of those on business trip or tourists, which does not result in a big problem. However, since its use is prohibited by law, it is safer to restrict the use of GPS. (There have been cases where Japanese on business trip or Japanese expats have been restrained on suspicion of running GPS and surveying)

No, safety checks are carried out from the mailing list linked to the organisation.However, since this form of checking will not be able to pinpoint one's exact location when GPS is switched off, staff from Japan on business trip, etc. and those who have not been linked to the organisation may be missed out from the safety check list.

The app can be used anywhere as long as it is in an environment that allows smartphone communication connection. However, connectivity will be the same as in other communication apps when there is difficulty connecting in environments with weak reception.

If it does not connect within 30 seconds into the call, it will automatically direct it to our 24-hour call centre, which will provide remote support. After which, where necessary, the call centre will contact the support centre at the customer's location of stay and hand over the case to them.

The charges vary on the support content and timeframe, etc. If charges for support should incur, they will be informed to the customer in advance and support will carried out after receiving consent from the customer. (This does not apply if there have been pre-arrangements for the company / organisation, etc.)

Unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee support. The TASKAL App Usage Agreement is an agreement which loans the work communication app function and the above risk management function. Various forms of support are handled based on request for the purpose of the customer's convenience and safety. Hence, support may be provided depending on the situation and there may be instances where support cannot be provided.

For the short-term contract by month, even if it extends to the following month, it will be counted as a 1 month contract fee as long as it is within 30 days. However, even if the total number of app usage days is less than 30 days, the usage period will not be counted less than a month.

Most overseas risk management companies carry out support that is chargeable for serious cases, such as kidnapping / blackmail, overseas refuge or international medical conveyance, etc. Within the annual contract fees with the company, the overseas risk management company pays an annual contract fee known as a 'retainer fee' to various overseas specialist vendors, working to secure the safety of expats, their accompanying families and staff on overseas business trip from the contracted companies in times of emergency. Regarding TASKAL's support, support is carried out for all kinds of general problems faced in a trip which are generally not handled by overseas risk management companies (problems with flights, accommodation, theft, illness, etc., emergency arrangement of transport or arrangement of interpretation escort, etc.). Also, for serious cases, although support can also be requested from our overseas risk management company partner, since the annual 'retainer fee' has not been paid, it will be handled based on request.

Since there is the issue of privacy, there are 3 levels offered in the GPS tracking function (Exact, Approximate and Off). Settings will have to be performed by yourself. However, if it is set to Off, location checking by GPS will not be able to be carried out and you will be missed out during simultaneous safety checks or support in times of emergency.