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The business chat takes into account Shadow IT and security within your company, enabling the swift acquisition of safety information in times of emergency in addition to the use of internal extension calls.

  • Free voice calls / video calls
  • Chats
  • File sharing
  • Group management
  • Safety check
  • 24hr SOS calls
  • Urgent on-site service

Adding the TASKAL App to your company's products and services helps set your company apart from competitors.





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Demand for crisis management overseas

Due to the recent frequent attacks, ethnic conflicts, natural disasters, etc., security measures are very important overseas. The risk measures demanded by travelers vary widely. Individuals and businesses alike want to get the most out of their services in the unlikely event of a major cost. Especially for companies with many overseas business trips and schools that send overseas education trips and international students, we strongly recommend to review the importance of crisis management from the perspective of "safety obligations".

Strong Support for Business Trip

We responds to sudden changes in itineraries at the destination of business travelers and unexpected problems in a lump.

  1. Urgent "On-Site" Service
    • In addition to communication by voice and video calls, etc., our local staff can also come to the location urgently to provide on-site support.
    *Actual on-site expenses will be charged separately.
  2. A Network Spanning Over 100 Countries
    • We respond to the safety needs of all travellers.
    • Attentive support from local agents who are thoroughly familiar with the locality.
  3. Easy Contact via the Exclusive App
    • Free communication via the app which enables messaging, voice and video calls. As long as there is internet connection, you can be rest assured that you stay contactable anywhere and at any time.
    • Use GPS to check the whereabouts of your staff from Japan. This enables prompt rescue.
    • Ditribution Of Alerts
  4. Comprehensive Support from a Risk Management Company
    • We handle the issue based on advice from safety management specialists in the event of a terrorist attack, disaster, major accident or emergency.
    • We handle situations that cannot be handled by general insurance companies or travel agencies.
    *There may be separate charges depending on the service type.

TASKAL App Services

Safety Check

Safety Check

You can use GPS to check the whereabouts of your students. You can perform safety check if necessary.

Support During Emergency

Support During Emergency

The call centre also handles problems faced by staff on business trip at the travel destination. Transportation to the hospital and arrangements to return to their home country will be promptly arranged.

予約 ・発券

Distribution of Alerts

TASKAL Usage Flow

Corporate Administrator

A terrorist attack occurred in a country where business travelers were dispatched! I want them to return home immediately.

A terrorist attack occurred in a country where business travelers were dispatched! I want them to return home immediately.

TASKAL contact center confirms safety and safely returns business travelers to their home countries.

Department Manager

Emergency on a business trip!
I need to respond to the people involved.

Emergency on a business trip! <br />I need to respond to the people involved.<

A countermeasure team can be formed with the group function of the TASKAL app. Centralized communication between related parties. Quick response is possible.

Group Administrator

Where is my employee right now?

Where is my employee right now?

With the TASKAL app, you can check the location immediately.